Ten Gifts to Give Your Cosmetologist

It’s that time of year again where the pressure of finding the perfect gift for every person in your life weighs heavy on your shoulders. We may not have the answer for every person in your life but we definitely have the go-to list of gifts for the cosmetologist in your life! Whether they are your partner, family member, or your personal stylist, we have ten unique gifts that will have their hearts swooning.

A Ring Holder Necklace

Wearing rings is not ideal for a stylist when they are at work. Any stylist can tell you about the inconvenience of wearing jewelry while they work. We have a solution! Necklaces like this are convenient, safe keepers of your rings!


A Cute Cosmetology-esque Mug

It’s been said a time or two that cosmetologists function on coffee and hairspray. Get them this cute mug that will make all their coworkers jealous!

A Utility Wristband

This may not have the cutest name but it sure is cute AND handy. Any cosmetologist will tell you that it was possible, they would love to have at least two more hands! Shears, combs, pins, clips, there are so many tools that go into the process of a service. Lend a helping hand and give them this nifty bracelet.

Cosmo Bling

Show your appreciation for their talent but gifting them some cosmetology inspired jewelry, like these cute shear rings!


Business card holder

Help your stylist upgrade from digging in the bottom of their purse in search of their business card to this cute and efficient business card holder! These upcycled cardholders will have your stylists praising your gift buying abilities.

A Clock For Their Station

Multitasking is one of the many talents of a cosmetologist. They often have to juggle clients and services between one another with the pressure of completing in time and the fear of running behind. Check out this cute and convenient clock to help them stay right on time.

A Ring Leveler

Now, some of the more seasoned stylists may turn their nose at this but we have a feeling that the newbies to the industry will fall in love. This ring has a built-in level to help ensure a straight cut and help build their confidence!

Lint Rollers

This may seem like a lame gift but hear us out. In a day in the life of a cosmetologist, you will find them trying to rid their clothes of the pesky hair that lingers throughout the day. Give them this handy, dandy lint roller to help evict those lingering hairs that have long overstayed their welcome. It’s not only useful but it’s cute too!

Heat Protecting Finger Gloves

Cosmetologists are tough cookies. Scissor knicks, sore feet and burnt hands are all common battle wounds. Help them fight their battle with hot-tool burns by giving them these cute, heat resistant finger gloves.

Tickets To A Hair Show

The beauty industry is ever-changing and growing. Help the cosmetologist in your life keep their skills and tools up to date by giving the opportunity to attend a hair trade show. Visit this site to see where you can pick up tickets for one of DFW’s most talked about events.

Let Us Be Your Guide!

Do you have a cosmetologist in your life that is tricky to buy for? Tell us what your go-to gift ideas are in the comments. If these gifts made it to the top of your wish list, a career in cosmetology could be the perfect path for your new year! Check out our programs page to learn more about starting a career in beauty.