Hall of Fame: Alumni Achievements

Here at The Salon Professional Academy in Dallas, we strive to create an environment in which our students can learn, grow and develop their skills artistically and professionally. We absolutely love hearing about success stories of our talented graduates. It’s their success that we work so hard for and when we get wind of their achievements, it inspires us to continue doing what we do. If we were to list the successes of every one of our students, we would have a novel. But, we feel that these specific students put their best feet forward in the beauty industry and have really made a name for themselves. We want to highlight their achievements in hope to galvanize our students to work hard and show them what hard work can do for them.

Recently, we nominated a handful of students for induction to our Hall of Fame. Our Hall of Fame is simply a source of recognition for all of our graduates that have gone above and beyond and established themselves in the world of beauty. With humility being a recurring characteristic of our Hall of Fame members, we figured we would take a minute to toot their horns for them and tell everyone a little bit about them and why we think that they were worthy to be inducted into our Hall of Fame.

Marcus Conteras

Class of 2009
Since graduation, not only has Marcus’ passion for the industry grown, but his career has flourished. Marcus has taken full advantage of his TSPA education. He went from working in a warehouse with a criminal record to managing multiple barbershops. Now today, he is a successful barber/stylist in Frisco, TX, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is a true inspiration for all who want to take their TSPA education and make a great life.

Natasha Castillo

Class of 2009
Since graduation, Natasha opened her own business at 21 years old, where she has been able to grow a clientele of over 450 clients. On top of being a successful business owner, wife, and mother of two, Natasha has also become a Sexy Hair Educator for two years where she teaches trends and products to nationally branded salons. While doing this, it has allowed her the opportunity to travel across the country and perform cuts and styles on platform stages. Her salon has been voted by Yelp as the top salon in Plano, TX.

Lauren Reagan

Class of 2008
Since graduating from TSPA Dallas, Lauren has lived by one mantra: people may not remember what you do, but they’ll always remember how you make them feel. Lauren has strived to apply this adage every day since beginning as an apprentice and now as a salon owner, mother, and philanthropist. After apprenticing for 3 years, she took her experience and opened her first eight-chair salon where she is pioneering a non-traditional and elevated apprenticeship business model where she plans to open multiple salons in the future.

Alysson Vivero

Class of 2011
Since graduation, Alysson was hired by ULTA and quickly excelled by jumping three levels within two years. While working for ULTA, she exceeded expectations in the ULTA Artistry Program and became a Color Certified Redken Artist. You can find her today excelling as a stylist, Redken Artist, wife and mother of two in a salon in College Station, TX

Courtney Moon

Class of 2009
Since graduation, Courtney was immediately hired at Salon LaPage in Denton, TX and is a level 4A Redken Master Specialist and Educator. She is planning to become a Redken Artist and Redken Color Certified. She is thriving not only in her career as a stylist but as a mother and educator. She credits a lot of her success to the mindset she learned at TSPA. “There are no boundaries, you are the one who decides who you are.” She also says, “TSPA is where she learned how to learn.”

Kate Stabile

Class of 2006
Since graduation, Kate went to work immediately in a salon for 8 years. In addition to having a successful career as a stylist, she is also an educator for L’Oréal Professional and is Vidal Sassoon certified. Taking her experience from TSPA and her already amazing career, she has now opened her own salon and plans to expand. Her TSPA experience has taught her it’s not just hair, it’s a business.

Sydney Lopez

Class of 2012
Establishing her business in a suite rental salon, Sydney quickly excelled as a stylist. Sydney’s balayage, color, and vivids work have been featured on multiple sites, including Redken and Olaplex. As an accomplished editorial makeup and updo artist, her images have been featured online numerous times. Junebug Weddings named Sydney Best Hair Stylist 2015. Sydney’s success as a stylist is not to be superseded by her zest for being a wife and mother.

Sara Reed

Class of 2008
Since graduation, Sara has opened her own business as a stylist and has truly embraced the spirit of being an entrepreneur. She specializes in vivid color and established herself as a successful business owner as a stylist. She has also educated on behalf of Monat Global and leads a team of hundreds. She has been able to find a great balance between leading a busy life as a business owner and being a wife and mother.

Kim Wallace

Class of 2008
Since graduation, she is a level 4AA in a Summit Salon with two associates where she has developed a successful six figure income career. She has a large list of certifications including being a Redken Master Specialist and Redken Color certified. Not only has she developed a successful career as a stylist, she is also is married and looking to continue to grow her career. Her advice to current students is “Keep going, keep pushing hard!”

We want to express our excitement, admiration and the utmost respect to these individuals. Keep up the great work. Do you know a TSPA Dallas graduate who has gone on to do amazing things? We want to know so we can keep them in mind for our Hall of Fame, so share their names with us in the comments!

Part time Cosmetology Class scheduled to start in February 2017

“I’ve always wanted to be a hairstylist, but I have a family that I have to support and I can’t make it all work with the normal schedules.”

The Salon Professional Academy has heard your desire and we have put together a part time schedule that we believe will help you with your family needs and the desire for an education in cosmetology.  Contact the Admissions office for more details 972-420-7036 or admissions@tspadallas.com.  Class starts February 20, 2017.


Ten Gifts to Give Your Cosmetologist

It’s that time of year again where the pressure of finding the perfect gift for every person in your life weighs heavy on your shoulders. We may not have the answer for every person in your life but we definitely have the go-to list of gifts for the cosmetologist in your life! Whether they are your partner, family member, or your personal stylist, we have ten unique gifts that will have their hearts swooning.

A Ring Holder Necklace

Wearing rings is not ideal for a stylist when they are at work. Any stylist can tell you about the inconvenience of wearing jewelry while they work. We have a solution! Necklaces like this are convenient, safe keepers of your rings!


A Cute Cosmetology-esque Mug

It’s been said a time or two that cosmetologists function on coffee and hairspray. Get them this cute mug that will make all their coworkers jealous!

A Utility Wristband

This may not have the cutest name but it sure is cute AND handy. Any cosmetologist will tell you that it was possible, they would love to have at least two more hands! Shears, combs, pins, clips, there are so many tools that go into the process of a service. Lend a helping hand and give them this nifty bracelet.

Cosmo Bling

Show your appreciation for their talent but gifting them some cosmetology inspired jewelry, like these cute shear rings!


Business card holder

Help your stylist upgrade from digging in the bottom of their purse in search of their business card to this cute and efficient business card holder! These upcycled cardholders will have your stylists praising your gift buying abilities.

A Clock For Their Station

Multitasking is one of the many talents of a cosmetologist. They often have to juggle clients and services between one another with the pressure of completing in time and the fear of running behind. Check out this cute and convenient clock to help them stay right on time.

A Ring Leveler

Now, some of the more seasoned stylists may turn their nose at this but we have a feeling that the newbies to the industry will fall in love. This ring has a built-in level to help ensure a straight cut and help build their confidence!

Lint Rollers

This may seem like a lame gift but hear us out. In a day in the life of a cosmetologist, you will find them trying to rid their clothes of the pesky hair that lingers throughout the day. Give them this handy, dandy lint roller to help evict those lingering hairs that have long overstayed their welcome. It’s not only useful but it’s cute too!

Heat Protecting Finger Gloves

Cosmetologists are tough cookies. Scissor knicks, sore feet and burnt hands are all common battle wounds. Help them fight their battle with hot-tool burns by giving them these cute, heat resistant finger gloves.

Tickets To A Hair Show

The beauty industry is ever-changing and growing. Help the cosmetologist in your life keep their skills and tools up to date by giving the opportunity to attend a hair trade show. Visit this site to see where you can pick up tickets for one of DFW’s most talked about events.

Let Us Be Your Guide!

Do you have a cosmetologist in your life that is tricky to buy for? Tell us what your go-to gift ideas are in the comments. If these gifts made it to the top of your wish list, a career in cosmetology could be the perfect path for your new year! Check out our programs page to learn more about starting a career in beauty.

We Love Dallas, You Should Too!

Here at The Salon Professional Academy Dallas, we think one of the best ways to become a better person and a better beauty professional is to give back to our community. Because we believe in this so strongly, we offer several events at our school throughout the school year. On September 28th, we offered a TRIM HUNGER event! Our students gave shampoos, blow-outs, and cuts to raise over $1600 for Christian Community Action. Our fundraising went toward the Food Pantry and those who benefit from it. We also love to offer the opportunity to donate blood during blood drives. Our first drive was held in September of 2014, and we look forward to doing more in the future!

If you can’t wait for our next giving opportunity, there are several other events you can be a part of in our local community. Check these opportunities out!

Habitat for Humanity

You can get involved in the Dallas community in several ways through Habitat for Humanity. You can volunteer as a small team or group or even with your corporation! See what you can do by visiting their volunteer page.

Rescue a Refugee

The International Rescue Committee helps immigrants who are in danger to get to America and become comfortable here in Dallas. If you want to volunteer, you can answer phones or help with empowerment workshops. See what you can do here.

Volunteering in Texas

The Volunteers of America Texas offer several opportunities for you to volunteer in a group or on your own! From holiday drives to helping adults with resume optimization, you can make a difference. Check out their website for more info!

Give Food to the Homeless

The Stewpot is a place of peace and love for people who struggle with making ends meet for meals. The First Presbyterian Church of Dallas serves meals to men, women, and children in need. If you want to help them give back, see their site for info on signing up!

Empower Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse Survivors

The Showers of Blessings initiative was started by Brighter Tomorrows Church. You can help survivors by volunteering, donating, or “adopting a room” by providing linens, decor, and other household items. The church provides a safe place for survivors to get help. To find out how to help, check out their volunteer page.

If learning and empowering yourself by attaining a beauty education, all while giving back to the local community, is what you want to do, check out our programs and contact us to learn how to get started here at TSPA Dallas.