Introducing: The Winners of the 2017 Hero Hustle!

Although Halloween was a few months ago, we still have a little bit of magic and monsters inside of us.

This year, the owners and staff at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas took the holiday to the next step and introduced what we hope will become an annual tradition, the Hero Hustle Competition.

This contest expands upon the makeup classes we include in our cosmetology and esthetics programs and challenges our students to create or replicate their own superhero look using the makeup and hair skills they have learned at TSPA Dallas.

With 47 total entries and thousands of votes, this contest was not only a success but it gave our students the amazing opportunity to showcase their work.

We are so proud of the amazing skill that our students demonstrated.

From everyone hear at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas we would like to congratulate everyone who participated and courageously shared their work.

Introducing the Winners of the 2017 Hero Hustle

1st Place – Brittany Baker


A new student to TSPA Dallas Brittany wanted to attend for many years before the stars aligned. Those stars must have had other things planned for her, for the contest was announced only weeks after she had begun her program!

Brittany Baker

Drawing on her art background Brittany went to town transforming her two daughters into heroes, and enemies, in a way that truly fits their personalities. Her oldest daughter represent ice, and the calm nature that she represents, while her youngest proudly displays the fire that is inside of her.

The contest was a great experience for you, giving her the opportunity to practice her marketing and networking skills, something that is vital for her future success.

Congratulations Brittany on your win! If you would like to see more of Brittany’s work, and follow her on her journey through cosmetology school, follow her online.


2nd Place – Peyton Hoskins

Peyton was thrilled when she heard about the theme of the competition, always a lover of theatrical makeup, the theme gave her a chance to shine! It was a chance she didn’t take lightly.

Peyton Hoskins

Spending days deciding on her theme, Peyton to chose Ghost Rider because “I wanted to be unique, and I love the anti-hero concept.”

Once she had figured out her concept she dove right in, spending about 2 hours transforming her boyfriend into the popular Ghost Rider character. After submitting she utilized family, friends, and social networks to generates votes, many come from her aunts who work in the local school district and helped her spread the word.

Congratulations Peyton! We wish you all the luck as you prepare to graduate in January of 2018!

If you would like to follow Peyton online, fall in love with her work, or schedule a service follow her on Instagram.


3rd Place – Breanna Waldron

Unfortunately, we were unable to get a hold of Breanna for this piece. We are very excited for you success in the Hero Hustle and are excited to see where her future career takes her.

Congratulations Breanna!

4th Place – Shelby Wilshire

Shelby has always been creative. With a passion for stage makeup and creating art both on and off a canvas, this contest was a perfect fit for Shelby.

Shelby Wilshire

Wanting to create the perfect look for a powerful female character, Shelby pored over youtube tutorials until she found the perfect theme.

Blending both cartoon and real styles, Shelby created a Cat Woman reminiscent of video games on herself. One of the only contestants that used herself as a model, Shelby embraced the project and completed her look in one fail swoop.

If you would like to follow Shelby online, or schedule a service, follow her on Instagram.


5th Place – Alaina Eaton

Alaina Eaton

Having only started her cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas in July 2017, Alaina was nervous when she first heard about the contest. Those nerves quickly faded away as she spoke with a close friend, and they began to brainstorm ideas. It was that friend that was featured in her work.

Not wanting to do something common, Alaina landed on the X-men Storm as her muse. As a child she always loved the power of lightning that she controlled, and it was that that she focused on in her piece. “The hair was the hardest part,” she admitted, continuing to say that her model’s hair is stick straight.

Alaina is proud of her work and eager to show off more when she graduates in July of next year.

If you would like to see more of Alaina’s work, and follow her on her journey through cosmetology school, follow her online.


6th Place – Cheyenne McConnell

Cheyenne McConnell

Driven by the desire to do something a little more authentic than your standard comic book superhero, Cheyenne was thrilled when the contest rules were expanded to include unique creations. With a new mission Cheyenne went to work choosing her model due his amazing beard and long hair, it was only after speaking to him and learning of his celtic heritage that Cheyenne knew just what to do.

After hours of research into Celtic heritage, Cheyenne created a superhero pulled straight from the pages of a history book. While the hair took a few tries to get perfect, Cheyenne was able to complete the makeup look in one go. The character is one she is proud of, and reflects the future in diversity and creation that she has chosen for herself.

Congratulations Cheyenne on your win! If you would like to see more of Cheyenne’s work, and follow her on her journey through cosmetology school, follow her online.


Congratulations to these amazing ladies for all the work they put into this competition, and for their dedication to their education and their school.

The Hero Hustle was a great success for everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas and we can’t wait for next year!

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