TREND ALERT: Hair Tattoos

Everyone knows the hype of tattoos and tattoo artists, but what about hair tattoo artists? Yes, you heard that correctly! They have been trending for a while now and we can’t get enough. Hair tattoo is often used synonymously with undercut but what people don’t understand is that they can be much more than just an undercut! From subtle and chic to colors and jewels, the world of hair tattoos will have you longing for a saucy new look! Check out the hair tattoo artists that we are obsessing over.


This hair tattoo artist is one of our absolute favorites. She is always thinking outside the box and pushing creative boundaries resulting in some amazing hair tattoos! You can check out her funky work on her Instagram page at @angela_doll.

A photo posted by Angela (@angela__doll) on Dec 26, 2016 at 7:50pm PST

Rob Ferrel

Rob takes barbering to the next level! His masterpieces will have you second guessing on whether you are looking at a canvas or a head, but to him they are synonymous. Check out his intricate work on his Instagram page, @robtheoriginal.

A photo posted by Rob Ferrel (@robtheoriginal) on Jan 14, 2017 at 4:51pm PST

Rebecca Taylor

This hair magician will make all of your hair dreams come alive. Rebecca is the queen of color and can put any unicorn to rest with her amazing color techniques. We absolutely love when she spices up her colors with some fun hair tattoos. You can swoon over more of her work at @rebeccataylorhair on Instagram!

A photo posted by Marissa Renee (@marissarmiller) on May 11, 2016 at 11:46pm PDT


Shout out to this amazing lady barber. She has mastered hair tattoos and the fun part about her is that she puts a little zest into a lot of classic looks. Who said brides can’t have hair tattoos? Not us! Check out her Instagram page at @lova_dabarber.

Gitty & Göff Haircut Boutique

We are obsessed with the Swiss boutique, it has us feeling all the hair love. Short hair, long hair, it doesn’t matter! You can stay confident that Gitty & Göff Haircut Boutique’s Instagram page, @gitty_und_goeff, will have all the hair tattoo inspo that you’re looking for. Clear your schedule because you are going to get lost, daydreaming about all the possibilities!

Alexis Ramos

Women, men, children, this barber is leaving his hair tattoos on all types of people! From shapes to portraits, he does it all. See more of his talented work on his Instagram page, @barberlele.

A photo posted by @barberlele23 on Dec 30, 2016 at 4:15pm PST


Do you have some hair tattoo goals? We want to see, share with us in the comments! And if you are thinking about getting a hair tattoo of your very own, call us today and make an appointment in our student salon!