Meet Anna! The Heart of TSPA Dallas

At every school there is that one person, the person who keeps everyone smiling and everything running like a well-oiled machine. They are the person who puts the heart into the school and creates the family that they are. Everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy Dallas knows who that is, and it just so happens to be one of our owners – the amazing Anna Geleske!

Anna is an amazing individual who has brought so much joy, laughter, and passion into our school. She is constantly pushing everyone to reach their full potential, and cheers them on while they reach for the stars! Her positivity is contagious, and it’s no wonder, with a cosmetology background that spans over thirty years – she has seen, and done, some things.

anna geleske with student

It Takes a Special Flick

In 1986, when Anna first entered cosmetology school, high bouffants and perms were all the rage! In fact, so much time was spent on perming that it’s a skill Anna will probably never forget. That, and how to perfectly apply hairspray to get a prom look that would go great with pink puffed sleeves. “I could perm with the best of them,” Anna said as she fondly reminisced about hair that would easily reach heaven. It’s Texas after all, would you expect any less?

Add a Little Bit of Drive

Straight out of cosmetology school Anna opened her own one chair salon in a sleepy little town in Texas, as they say. When her husband was transferred she worked in a salon for nine years before opening up her own. It was here, in her own salon, that she truly fell in love with her clients, and with her staff. It was also here that she realized the huge gap that existed in the education of many budding cosmetologists.
They would come to her seeking a job, only to find that their business and client relation skills were severely lacking. It used to be the trend in cosmetology schooling to only teach as much as the student needed to cut hair. Anna decided to change that, to teach and develop the whole student. She had been training and supporting her staff for years, but it was when she made the switch to an educator that she realized that the satisfaction she gets from helping people change their lives exceeds the personal gratification of cutting hair.

Anna Geleske teaching class

Sprinkle in a Bit of You

Every good educator knows that you have to put your heart behind your work; and Anna has mastered that. You can see it more than just in her drive to instill valuable lessons in her students, but in every part of her life. In fact, some of her favorite hobbies are gardening and jewelry making – two very beautiful things. It is clear that Anna surrounds herself with that creative passion.

It’s not only creativity that fuels her, however. A large part of it comes from her family, her grandkids most of all.

Anna Geleske and student

And Make a Change

“I did it pretty good, but I want them to do it bigger and better than I did.” Teaching from experience is her trademark, and because of this Anna will always be the biggest cheerleader for her students. She encourages them to push limits and break through ceilings as they grow. It’s a cause she is so passionate about that when she has the time Anna will even teach business classes, dancing into class as she tells stories of her own experiences and failures, hoping to instil the same lessons on her students.

It’s more than just business classes, however, Anna wants each of her students to learn and grow within themselves. She knows that when the time comes who they have grown into will impact the careers they build.

“Beauty is now a way of life,” she says, repeating words she hopes every student cherishes. “Look the part, own it, be proud of it.”

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Why Brands Matter

A cosmetology school is more than just a place to learn how to cut and style hair.
They are places of learning and growth where a skill that has been mastered over centuries is taught, where futures are built, and lifelong friendships are made.
Cosmetology is a complicated skill that is best taught by a highly trained instructor, someone who has mastered the skill over years of work. Because the facilities are not traditional schools with dorms and football teams, however, cosmetology schools are often buried under a reputation of being wastes of money or scams.
It’s a sad reality that many schools face. It’s even sadder still because there are cosmetology schools out there that have caused this blemish. It is for that reason that there is a national accreditation council that holds schools to a standard to ensure that students can get a quality education. In addition to accreditation, there are many other ways to tell if a school is a good investment, as well as a good fit for you and your future.
But how do you tell if a school is accredited? Or if they have associations that make them viable? The answer is surprisingly easy.

National Accrediting Commision of Career Arts and Sciences

The American Association of Cosmetology Schools, or AACS, is the association that monitors beauty schools and their accreditation. Accreditation is a complicated process that includes additional classes and financial responsibilities in order to complete. In fact, the school can’t even begin the process until after they have been opened for a few years. During that time the school must have shown substantial focus on the standards of AACS and be taking steps toward accreditation.

Brand Association

Beyond the national accreditation, there are endorsements that a school can get that could set them to an even higher standard and ensure that the education you find behind their doors will see you into the career you are pursuing.
We are speaking of brand association.


Many beauty schools operate under a franchise. The Salon Professional Academy, or TSPA, is one such franchise. When a school is part of a franchise, they pay a yearly franchise fee, and in turn, have access to training opportunities and education staples while being held to a standard of what the franchise expects. If a school falls below that standard they could lose their franchise association. Franchises exist everywhere. You find them in fast food, car repair garages, and even massage spas. They are built as a kind of gatekeeper, verifying that their locations deliver products and services to a standard that the public has come to expect. By aligning a school with a franchise such as TSPA, it is accomplishing the same thing: a service set to a standard. By choosing a school that operates under a franchise you are getting an additional level of service and expectation, often above the AACS standard.

Salon Brand

redken logo

The other type of brand association occurs with a product or salon brand. As you research cosmetology schools you may find that most are associated with a brand, such as Redken. By aligning themselves with a brand, they are often gaining access to additional training and products from the brand. The Salon Professional Academy has a relationship with Redken that gives TSPA schools added education, product, and training elements. As a Redken Diamond Academy, TSPA Dallas’s instructors have access to curriculum created by Redkens chief artistic director, Chris Baran.

Each brand that endorses a school will have different benefits and opportunities for the salon and its students, so make sure to find a brand that fits with you. One thing is clear, however, attending a school that is aligned with a brand will add an additional standard for your school to be held to.

With so many different ways that a school can be aligned and accredited, it’s important that you find a school that is the right fit for you.
To find out how TSPA Dallas uses its accreditations, franchise and brand affiliations to benefit their students, schedule a tour.

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