TSPA Dallas Students Rock On Stage!

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas we always seek opportunities for our students to expand their skills, get real-world experience, and allow them to grow as future professionals. It’s these experiences that help us create a unique educational experience that can prepare students for the careers that they seek to create.

While we actively seek to find and create these opportunities for our students, sometimes these opportunities find us.

In February of 2018, a selection of our students had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present new looks and products on stage.

The Benefits of the Relationship

As part of The Salon Professional Academy family of schools, we are honored to have a relationship with Redken that gives our students access to products that help them create the looks and styles that will become the foundation of a vibrant career.

In addition to the access to great products and exclusive training opportunities, sometimes we gain opportunities to work with the Redken families in new and unique situations.

That is exactly what happened, this year when we were given the opportunity to work alongside major Redken artists to create looks onstage and help some amazing Redken Artists present a whole new product line to distributors.

The Students’ Experience


“Working with the Redken artist was an amazing and eye-opening experience! It was so interesting to see their thought process about different color techniques and how they worked together to make the best hair possible! It made me want to work hard and become part of the Redken family one day!”


Students working at the event

“When I enrolled at TSPA, I never imagined that the opportunity to work with world-renowned Redken Artists like Lori Zabel and George Garcia would be possible! Assisting at the Saloncentric showcase gave me a priceless glimpse into what I can do with my Redken education and inspired me to be the best artist I can be.”



“I am so thankful for a school like TSPA that gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with some amazing stylists. This will definitely be an experience I will never forget!”


My experience was unbelievable getting to work with the Redken Artists. I had an absolute blast and I learned so much! I will be forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity.”

Meet The Artists

Giovanni Giuntoli


Giovanni began his journey into beauty at 18 and has made great strides since then. As an official Redken Artist, he travels around the world presenting products and looks to the next generation. He is known for his creative looks and deep sense of humor.

Ellen Lawlor


Ellen has worked on everything from Vogue to the CBS Morning Show. With decades in this industry and a passion for creative styles, Ellen has a been a staple in beauty for years. With NAHA nominations in 2000, 2001, and 2002, she is a force to be reckoned with.

We are so proud of our students and their hard work, and excited that they were able to have this experience. We hope that they will be able to take these lessons to heart and share their experience with the peers so that together we can all benefit.

If you are interested in learning more about our school and how we help to prepare our students to enter the vibrant beauty community schedule your tour today.

Pampering on a Budget? Rejuvenate Yourself at TSPA Dallas

Take care of yourself!

It’s a sentiment we tell to those we love and are often reminded to do on a daily basis. But when was the last time you took some time for yourself and got yourself a little bit of pampering?

From facials, to manicures, to finally getting that cut and color that you have been dreaming of – isn’t it time you did something for yourself? What if I told you that you didn’t have to break the bank to give yourself the spa and salon service that you have been dreaming of? What if I told you that you could do just that while helping talented people reach their dreams?

You can at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas!

Getting your service done at a cosmetology school can be one of the best choices you can make not only for your hair; but for your community. Whether you have considered visiting the Student Salon Training Area at TSPA Dallas before or if you are looking into your options for a little bit of “you time”, we invite you to take a peek at all that the students have to offer.

Be our guest at TSPA Dallas, and let us help you recharge.

A pampering service and a whole new look is waiting for you, schedule your appointment today.

A Relaxing, Spa-Like Space

Posted by The Salon Professional Academy Dallas on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

At TSPA Dallas one of the things we pride ourselves on is the environment that we not only provide for our students but for our guests as well. Our student salon training area is designed with you in mind, with a relaxing spa-like atmosphere that is outfitted with the tools, supplies, and products that you would find in a traditional salon and spa.

This gives our students the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment nearly identical to what they will later make a career in. For a guest, that means that you can get a service that is like what you would receive elsewhere, complete with the products that you have grown to love and trust.

At TSPA Dallas we are proud to be Recognized for Excellence in Education by Redken and to use all of their amazing products in our school and in our student salon training area.

An Environment of Support

Free high fives!! Highest energy always wins!!

Posted by The Salon Professional Academy Dallas on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Many people shy away from getting a service done at a cosmetology school because they don’t know what to expect. They may have heard stories from others that may have colored their expectations of the service they will receive. Put all those fears behind you! Getting a service at TSPA Dallas shouldn’t be a nerve wracking experience!

We pride ourselves in the education we provide our students and in the skills that they are learning their craft. We want each of our students to reach their dreams and are dedicated in supporting them towards that. Part of the dedication is in the support that each of our students receive. That support is evident everywhere but nowhere as much as in our student salon training area.

While our students are perfecting their skills on guests like yourself they are supervised by the licensed and trained educator that are supporting them through every step of their journey. An educator is always on hand to help our students tackle any roadblocks they might encounter and to support them as they create the look and experience that you deserve.

The Skills to Master

Putting the theory into practice

Posted by The Salon Professional Academy Dallas on Monday, March 14, 2016

When a student enrolls in cosmetology school and begins the process toward graduation, they are embarking on a journey of learning that stretches from lectures to mastering that perfect bob cut.

Much of that journey begins with false heads and working with friends and family as their skills begin to grow. As they master concepts and looks, students graduate toward practicing their skill in the student salon training area and working with guests such as yourself.

This process of growth and skill-based graduation helps the students to master the techniques that will help them build their careers, and you will receive services from students who are skilled and ready to deliver just what you want.

Support for the Future

Congrats Karen!!!

Posted by The Salon Professional Academy Dallas on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Each and every one of our students is doing more than following a passion, they are creating a career that could impact their lives and the lives of their families for years to come.

When you visit the student salon training area at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas you are doing more then giving yourself an amazing new look, you are supporting students as they build their skill, master their craft, and quite literally change their future.

You can get more than an amazing haircut and service and TSPA Dallas, you can gain the opportunity to help change someone’s life.

Scheduling a service in our student salon training area does more than you think!

Are you ready to change your look, change your life, and maybe even change the future? We are ready to welcome you into our student salon training area and help you do just that. Schedule your appointment today!

*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors. Contact the school for more information.

Makeup Looks for Prom 2018

The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas has been styling students for prom for many years. We understand how important this occasion can be! Prom is a rite of passage. It’s a chance for beautiful memories with your friends that will last a lifetime.

Planning the perfect look for prom can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you choose a makeup look for your prom pictures. All you have to do is find the hue for you.

Select Your Shade

a color wheel with shades

Do you have a signature color? Is there a color that people often remark looks good on your skin tone? Is there one color that you always find yourself repinning in your prom dress Pinterest board? Chances are you already know which color you want to wear to prom.

Keep in mind that pastel colors are always a good choice since prom is in spring. If you prefer to go for a more dramatic look, dark jewel-tones are also unforgettable.

If you don’t know your color scheme yet, it’s okay. Choose a color from the image above. Once you have your color selected, match it up with the beautiful makeup trend below. Now, you’re ready to dance the night away.

Makeup to Match


Don’t shy away from this bold color! Pair with red or yellow hues to create a beautiful look.

Red Eye Makeup


Be pretty in pink this prom and embrace these great faded colors to help emphasize honey or green eyes.

Pink Eye Makeup


Is your prom colors orange or yellow? Compliment and emphasize these great hues with some iridescent orange shadow.

Orange Eye Makeup


This bright color can make your dark eyes truly pop! If your prom colors match this color, do not shy away!

Yellow eye makeup


A pop of green can add a lot to your look for prom. If you have any jewel tones in your eyes or dress this is a look you may want to master.

Green Eye Makeup


Give yourself a smokey ethereal look with this bold color. Well suited to earth tones, blue can give you the color that will make him look twice.

Blue Eye Makeup


Want your brown eyes to pop for prom? Try a purple hue and give your eyes a bit of sparkle.

Purple Eye Makeup


Can’t decide, try them all. You may think we are joking, but this fanciful design can compliment many different looks.

Rainbow eye makeup

Get Ready for Prom With TSPA Dallas

Now that you have chosen your color and makeup look, it’s time to decide on a hairstyle. TSPA Dallas offers a range of salon services, including hairstyling. With so many gorgeous hairstyles to choose from – cascading curls, romantic updo, beautiful braids – you can’t go wrong!

Let us help you style your hair for prom. Schedule an appointment in our student salon training area today! Call +1 (214) 222-2436

If you enjoy creating beautiful looks with hair, makeup, or nails for every day or special occasions, you might like a career in the beauty industry. Click here to learn more about our cosmetology program!

All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Build Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Look, and We Will Tell You What Date to Plan.

Are you ready for Valentines Day? Do you have an idea of the perfect night, but aren’t sure how to make that happen? Take our quiz and build the perfect look and we will tell you which date speaks to your romantic soul.

Valentines Date Quiz

Now that you know what look (and date) fits you, do you have what you need to make it happen?

If you need help, or just want the perfect look without the hassle, schedule a visit to our student salon training area. Our supervised students in training are ready to help you create the perfect look for the perfect night, from cuts to colors to makeup we can do it all. Schedule your visit today.

Show Your Team Colors From Your Head to Your Toes!

Are you a year-round sports fanatic? Do you root from the first game to the last? Or are you more of a ‘celebrate the final game’ kind of person?

No matter where you fit, letting your team colors show is one of the most important parts! You can let everyone know which team you support, and do it in style!

Here are five beauty geared styles that will help you slay the competition.

Ribbons in Her Hair

No matter the braid, no matter the style, incorporating your team colors into your look has never been easier! Just grab a few ribbons in the hues that match your banner, and go to town!

It’s All in the Accessories

Dallas cowboy fa in tutu

Pom-poms, banners, even foam fingers. They all help you to exemplify your team spirit, and make your support of them that much louder. Plus, you can grab yourself some blue and silver and you make some of these yourself. Not quite glitzy enough for you? That’s okay. Grab some glue and some glitter, and let those Cowboy colors really sparkle.

Stay Warm

Nothing is more important than staying warm during that tailgate party or in the stands. That doesn’t mean you have to do it in a sacrifice for style. An infinity scarf and hat in your team’s colors can keep you warm and representing.

Your True Colors

dallas cowboys eye makeup

There will be no question of who you support with this bold look. Let your Cowboy Nation banner fly with this design that details the star and swoop in cowboy blue and silver. Plus, with the iridescent and thick eyeliner you can make them not only pop but to create a unique look that will make people cheer!

Paint the Town

dallas cowboys nails

One of the easiest, and most creative ways to show your team spirit is on your nails! Get a colorful manicure and show your Dallas Cowboys pride. These can be some of the easiest ways to sparkle. Whether you create this look to shine on its own, or in addition to the perfect game day look, there will be no question about who you support.

Looking for something bolder?

dallas cowboy colored hair

Colorful locks are all the rage, and we can’t think of any other colors that would look better than deep blue and silver. Consider coloring your hair to match your team and really show your team spirit! With everything from semi-permanent to bright bold unicorn hair possible, you will certainly make a statement.

Are you ready to let your colors fly? Consider scheduling an appointment in our student salon training area. We would love the chance to help you shine in blue, and silver… or whatever banner you carry.

Give us a call today!

Find a New You This New Year

Have you made your resolutions yet?

2018 is almost here, and with every shift of the calendar comes a whole new year of possibilities and potential. It’s one of the reasons New Year’s resolutions burst onto the scene thousands of years ago. It’s a tradition that continues to this day, and while we don’t revere these promises as much as the ancient Babylonians did, they still hold the same philosophy.

Challenge yourself. Reinvent yourself. Do something that you have been putting off.

Follow your dreams.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas we believe in the power each and every one of us hold. We believe in following your dreams, and work to make hundreds of dreams come true every year!

Have you started your resolution list yet? Here are some suggestions to help get you started, or help put the finishing touches on what is sure to be a great year!

Do Something That Scares You

When was the last time you faced something that scared you? What have you always admired in others been been scared to do yourself?

There is always those things we are in awe of but are also afraid of. Fear of looking silly, fear of others, or even a fear of something tangible like heights or spiders. This year challenge yourself to face a fear and try that thing that you have locked away as an impossibility.

Rock climbing. Running a marathon. Getting that tattoo. Confessing a love.

No matter what the outcome, by pushing yourself and facing that fear head on you will find yourself standing a little taller, knowing that you did it. Knowing that you tried.

Do Something That You Have Put Off

Woman taking a picture

Have you been thinking of something for a while and just haven’t found the time to do it?

This year make the time a priority and challenge yourself to finish that project, to write that story, or start that Instagram account. Even if it’s something as simple as getting a doorknob fixed or cleaning out the garage, it’s time to finish whatever has been sitting in your to-do list and start the year off with a fresh slate.

Pursue a Dream

Did you have a dream as a child that has stayed with you? Or did you find a passion at a later date that you have been scared to follow? Take a chance this year and make those dreams a reality!

Now, we aren’t saying to quit your job and start a non-profit animal hospital (although you certainly could), but do something that can help you make that dream a reality. Take a circus arts class. Buy a camera and start working on your photography skills. Schedule that trip to Prague and start saving. You can make that dream come true!

If you have ever had a dream of building a career in the beauty industry, we can help with that! With programs in cosmetology and esthetics that dream could be waiting for you.

Do Something Alone

Woman smelling a flower

It may sound silly, but because humans are social creatures – we love to do things together. Step outside of that this year and do a few things on your own. Take a trip on your own, go to a movie, even enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

It may seem silly, but taking the time to do some things on your own you can build self-sustaining skills and reconnect to yourself in a world that is busy and demanding.

Want an extra challenge? Put the electronics away while you are out and experience the world without a filter.

Walk Away From What Hurts

As humans, we often shy away from change. Sometimes this means that we will avoid doings something we want, and sometimes it means that we hold onto things that we would be better to just let go.

This could be anything from a house, to a job, to a relationship. Even though letting go of these things can be frightening, they can often lead to new paths and new possibilities that can create bright futures that you would never expect.

If you are ready to make a change that scares you, consider seeking the advice of a licensed therapist. Having someone to talk to can make changes easier and help you come out smiling.

Give Back

Although we often associate the holidays as the season of giving, that giving doesn’t have to end with the year. You can help bolster your community and give back to those in need all year long.

Giving back doesn’t have to cost anything, either. You can volunteer your time at one of many different charities and associations close to home. Just as you are creating a new year for yourself, you can help someone get a step ahead and make their year the best it can be.

Read a Book

Woman reading a book

No matter if you are already an avid reader or not, reading is quickly becoming a forgotten activity. Not only can reading expand your vocabulary, but it also helps to exercise your brain and keep some of those cells firing.

Challenge yourself to explore new worlds this year and read a book from classic literature you may have missed, or that best-selling mystery that everyone is talking out. Plus, with aps, electronics, and the ever-present library system it has never been easier to get lost in a book.

This year is your year. Make it amazing.

From everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas we hope you have a wonderful new year, full of hope and possibility.

If beauty is in your dreams, we would love to help you start the new year off right whether it be in a new color service or in a new career.

Call Today.

Introducing: The Winners of the 2017 Hero Hustle!

Although Halloween was a few months ago, we still have a little bit of magic and monsters inside of us.

This year, the owners and staff at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas took the holiday to the next step and introduced what we hope will become an annual tradition, the Hero Hustle Competition.

This contest expands upon the makeup classes we include in our cosmetology and esthetics programs and challenges our students to create or replicate their own superhero look using the makeup and hair skills they have learned at TSPA Dallas.

With 47 total entries and thousands of votes, this contest was not only a success but it gave our students the amazing opportunity to showcase their work.

We are so proud of the amazing skill that our students demonstrated.

From everyone hear at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas we would like to congratulate everyone who participated and courageously shared their work.

Introducing the Winners of the 2017 Hero Hustle

1st Place – Brittany Baker


A new student to TSPA Dallas Brittany wanted to attend for many years before the stars aligned. Those stars must have had other things planned for her, for the contest was announced only weeks after she had begun her program!

Brittany Baker

Drawing on her art background Brittany went to town transforming her two daughters into heroes, and enemies, in a way that truly fits their personalities. Her oldest daughter represent ice, and the calm nature that she represents, while her youngest proudly displays the fire that is inside of her.

The contest was a great experience for you, giving her the opportunity to practice her marketing and networking skills, something that is vital for her future success.

Congratulations Brittany on your win! If you would like to see more of Brittany’s work, and follow her on her journey through cosmetology school, follow her online.


2nd Place – Peyton Hoskins

Peyton was thrilled when she heard about the theme of the competition, always a lover of theatrical makeup, the theme gave her a chance to shine! It was a chance she didn’t take lightly.

Peyton Hoskins

Spending days deciding on her theme, Peyton to chose Ghost Rider because “I wanted to be unique, and I love the anti-hero concept.”

Once she had figured out her concept she dove right in, spending about 2 hours transforming her boyfriend into the popular Ghost Rider character. After submitting she utilized family, friends, and social networks to generates votes, many come from her aunts who work in the local school district and helped her spread the word.

Congratulations Peyton! We wish you all the luck as you prepare to graduate in January of 2018!

If you would like to follow Peyton online, fall in love with her work, or schedule a service follow her on Instagram.


3rd Place – Breanna Waldron

Unfortunately, we were unable to get a hold of Breanna for this piece. We are very excited for you success in the Hero Hustle and are excited to see where her future career takes her.

Congratulations Breanna!

4th Place – Shelby Wilshire

Shelby has always been creative. With a passion for stage makeup and creating art both on and off a canvas, this contest was a perfect fit for Shelby.

Shelby Wilshire

Wanting to create the perfect look for a powerful female character, Shelby pored over youtube tutorials until she found the perfect theme.

Blending both cartoon and real styles, Shelby created a Cat Woman reminiscent of video games on herself. One of the only contestants that used herself as a model, Shelby embraced the project and completed her look in one fail swoop.

If you would like to follow Shelby online, or schedule a service, follow her on Instagram.


5th Place – Alaina Eaton

Alaina Eaton

Having only started her cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas in July 2017, Alaina was nervous when she first heard about the contest. Those nerves quickly faded away as she spoke with a close friend, and they began to brainstorm ideas. It was that friend that was featured in her work.

Not wanting to do something common, Alaina landed on the X-men Storm as her muse. As a child she always loved the power of lightning that she controlled, and it was that that she focused on in her piece. “The hair was the hardest part,” she admitted, continuing to say that her model’s hair is stick straight.

Alaina is proud of her work and eager to show off more when she graduates in July of next year.

If you would like to see more of Alaina’s work, and follow her on her journey through cosmetology school, follow her online.


6th Place – Cheyenne McConnell

Cheyenne McConnell

Driven by the desire to do something a little more authentic than your standard comic book superhero, Cheyenne was thrilled when the contest rules were expanded to include unique creations. With a new mission Cheyenne went to work choosing her model due his amazing beard and long hair, it was only after speaking to him and learning of his celtic heritage that Cheyenne knew just what to do.

After hours of research into Celtic heritage, Cheyenne created a superhero pulled straight from the pages of a history book. While the hair took a few tries to get perfect, Cheyenne was able to complete the makeup look in one go. The character is one she is proud of, and reflects the future in diversity and creation that she has chosen for herself.

Congratulations Cheyenne on your win! If you would like to see more of Cheyenne’s work, and follow her on her journey through cosmetology school, follow her online.


Congratulations to these amazing ladies for all the work they put into this competition, and for their dedication to their education and their school.

The Hero Hustle was a great success for everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas and we can’t wait for next year!

If you want to learn more about our school, our facility, and see how our program can help you build up the hero inside of you, schedule a tour today!

Click here to see all of our available programs! 

Make the most of the Season with our Advent Calendar!

Are you ready to fill your December with magic and all of the joys of the holiday season? We are ready to help you do just that with our calendar, filled with activities for every age! Have a happy Holiday, from everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas.


Find the perfect activity for you and your family.

Ongoing throughout the month
12 days of Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum – Dallas Arboretum
Lone Star Christmas in Gaylord –
Panther Island Ice – Only outdoor skating rink
The Trains at NorthPark
A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theatre Center
Gift of Lights at Texas Motor Speedway
North Pole Express at Grapevine Vintage Railroad
The Nutcracker at Bass Performance Hall
Storytime with santa claus at NorthPark Center
Dallas Zoo Lights
Santa Visits at Reunion Tower
Frosty and Friends at the Dallas Children’s Theatre
Enchant Christmas Lights show at Globe Life Park
Magical Winter Lights at the Lone Star at Grand Prairie
Christmas Light, Chocolate & Sips Tours at Dallas by Chocolate
Holiday Wonder at Fair Park
Illumination Celebration at Galleria Dallas

December 1st
The Nutcracker at Texas Ballet Theatre

December 2nd
Holiday Sing with UT Dallas Chamber Singers
Dallas Holiday Parade
Klyde Warren Park tree Lighting

December 3rd
Dallas Children’s Health Holiday Parade
Alliance Francaise De Dallas – French Style Christmas Market at Dallas International School

December 4th
The gift of Christmas at Prestonwood Baptist Church

December 5th
Scrooge Puppet Theatre at the NorthPark Center (1-6)
Krampus Walk at Wits End

December 9th
Downtown Dallas Wonderland (1-16)

December 13th
Holiday cookies swap at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library

December 16th
Black Nativity by Langston Hughes at the Bishop Arts Theatre Center

December 17th
The Colors of Christmas at the Majestic Theatre
The great distance home at the WaterTower Theatre

December 21st
Home Alone – Holiday Movie in Concert at Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Welcome These Amazing Alumni to our Hall of Fame

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas we are proud of each and every one of our students.

We often say that we have the best job in the world because we get to help our students learn the skills they need for the career they will be moving into, but we also get to cheer them on as they learn more about themselves as well. We love supporting our students as they grow and blossom into budding beauty professionals, ready to create an amazing career.

That support extends far beyond the students that currently walk our halls. It extends past graduation, and far into the career that is waiting for each of our amazing students. We often say that once you are a student of TSPA Dallas, you become part of our family.

And that bond lasts forever.

It’s that family connection that builds the foundation of our school, with bonds and relationships that we take very seriously. Which is why, in 2016, we officially introduced our Hall of Fame.

Created to recognize our graduates who have gone on to create amazing waves in their careers, our Hall of Fame winners gain the acknowledgements they deserve, from the school that set them on their path.

Presented with a plaque at our annual banquet, we party the night away with food, friends, and the family that makes us who we are.

This year we are proud to welcome three more amazing alumni to our Hall of Fame.

We are so inspired by each and every one of these professionals, and are proud that they are part of the TSPA Dallas family. Get to know these amazing individuals and learn about all of their accomplishments, and the beautiful futures they have created for themselves.

Nancy Caldwell

Nancy Caldwell

A 2013 TSPA Dallas alumni, Nancy graduated from a large class of very close students with whom she still counts as friends. As close as they were, the competition was strong and Nancy won several awards while attending The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas.

With a past career as a Registered Nurse combined with her passion for esthetics, Nancy opened Essentials Med Spa shortly after her graduation. Thanks to the hard work and dedication she learned while at TSPA Dallas and throughout her career, Nancy has built a successful business that brings all of her passions together.

Nancy’s Advice to Future Professionals:Continue to learn all you can, and don’t be afraid to share that information with clients to help them look and feel their very best.

Roberto Rodriguez

Roberto Rodriguez

Once he graduated, Roberto began working in a local salon. Behind the chair he has honed his skills, building his guest list and even moving on to gain his certification in barbering.

As a Paul Mitchell master cutter, colorist and color educator he works as a National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Roberto’s Advice to Future Professionals: Success does not come easy, you have to be willing to start small and work smart. Be patient.

Carolen Gray

Carolen Gray

After graduating from The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas is 2004, Carolen opened her own salon in 2004. Located in Plano, Texas she finds joy and success every day as she works with her staff and clients to build them up and create new amazing looks every day.

Carolen’s Advice to Future Professionals:Be confident. Be proud of your journey and don’t be afraid to wear your skills, your education, and your passions on your sleeve.

amazing alumni to our Hall of Fame

Congratulations to these amazing individuals, we are so excited to have been the first step in your beautiful journey.

If you would like to discover how you can make your dreams a reality, all at a school that will support your through more than just your education, contact us today to schedule a tour and see what could await you.

Visit us for a tour today and step into the TSPA Dallas family.

Take Our Quiz to Discover Your Haunted Makeup Look

Do the spooks and haunts of Halloween make you all giddy and happy inside? Do you eagerly await this time of year, ready to let that inner ghost and goblin out?

If any of that sounds like you, or if you are in need of a perfectly haunting halloween look – our quiz can help!

In just a few short questions, we can help you discover your perfect haunted makeup look, and get you ready for this spooky season in no time flat.

Discover Your Haunted Makeup Look

Are you ready to face this halloween season? Are do you feel like running to hide?

If you are wanting to improve your makeup and hair skill, there is no better time of year to pursue a career in beauty, contact us today.