Find a New You This New Year

Have you made your resolutions yet?

2018 is almost here, and with every shift of the calendar comes a whole new year of possibilities and potential. It’s one of the reasons New Year’s resolutions burst onto the scene thousands of years ago. It’s a tradition that continues to this day, and while we don’t revere these promises as much as the ancient Babylonians did, they still hold the same philosophy.

Challenge yourself. Reinvent yourself. Do something that you have been putting off.

Follow your dreams.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas we believe in the power each and every one of us hold. We believe in following your dreams, and work to make hundreds of dreams come true every year!

Have you started your resolution list yet? Here are some suggestions to help get you started, or help put the finishing touches on what is sure to be a great year!

Do Something That Scares You

When was the last time you faced something that scared you? What have you always admired in others been been scared to do yourself?

There is always those things we are in awe of but are also afraid of. Fear of looking silly, fear of others, or even a fear of something tangible like heights or spiders. This year challenge yourself to face a fear and try that thing that you have locked away as an impossibility.

Rock climbing. Running a marathon. Getting that tattoo. Confessing a love.

No matter what the outcome, by pushing yourself and facing that fear head on you will find yourself standing a little taller, knowing that you did it. Knowing that you tried.

Do Something That You Have Put Off

Woman taking a picture

Have you been thinking of something for a while and just haven’t found the time to do it?

This year make the time a priority and challenge yourself to finish that project, to write that story, or start that Instagram account. Even if it’s something as simple as getting a doorknob fixed or cleaning out the garage, it’s time to finish whatever has been sitting in your to-do list and start the year off with a fresh slate.

Pursue a Dream

Did you have a dream as a child that has stayed with you? Or did you find a passion at a later date that you have been scared to follow? Take a chance this year and make those dreams a reality!

Now, we aren’t saying to quit your job and start a non-profit animal hospital (although you certainly could), but do something that can help you make that dream a reality. Take a circus arts class. Buy a camera and start working on your photography skills. Schedule that trip to Prague and start saving. You can make that dream come true!

If you have ever had a dream of building a career in the beauty industry, we can help with that! With programs in cosmetology and esthetics that dream could be waiting for you.

Do Something Alone

Woman smelling a flower

It may sound silly, but because humans are social creatures – we love to do things together. Step outside of that this year and do a few things on your own. Take a trip on your own, go to a movie, even enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

It may seem silly, but taking the time to do some things on your own you can build self-sustaining skills and reconnect to yourself in a world that is busy and demanding.

Want an extra challenge? Put the electronics away while you are out and experience the world without a filter.

Walk Away From What Hurts

As humans, we often shy away from change. Sometimes this means that we will avoid doings something we want, and sometimes it means that we hold onto things that we would be better to just let go.

This could be anything from a house, to a job, to a relationship. Even though letting go of these things can be frightening, they can often lead to new paths and new possibilities that can create bright futures that you would never expect.

If you are ready to make a change that scares you, consider seeking the advice of a licensed therapist. Having someone to talk to can make changes easier and help you come out smiling.

Give Back

Although we often associate the holidays as the season of giving, that giving doesn’t have to end with the year. You can help bolster your community and give back to those in need all year long.

Giving back doesn’t have to cost anything, either. You can volunteer your time at one of many different charities and associations close to home. Just as you are creating a new year for yourself, you can help someone get a step ahead and make their year the best it can be.

Read a Book

Woman reading a book

No matter if you are already an avid reader or not, reading is quickly becoming a forgotten activity. Not only can reading expand your vocabulary, but it also helps to exercise your brain and keep some of those cells firing.

Challenge yourself to explore new worlds this year and read a book from classic literature you may have missed, or that best-selling mystery that everyone is talking out. Plus, with aps, electronics, and the ever-present library system it has never been easier to get lost in a book.

This year is your year. Make it amazing.

From everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas we hope you have a wonderful new year, full of hope and possibility.

If beauty is in your dreams, we would love to help you start the new year off right whether it be in a new color service or in a new career.

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