Say Bye-Bye to Bad Hair Days!

You’re not alone, we’ve all had a bad hair day at least once in our lives. Unless you’re Jennifer Aniston, but we are going to assume that you’re not. With that being said, we are here to save the day with some quick tricks to solve the most common, bad hair day issues.

  1. Abolish Frizz- Frizz is, hands down, one of the most heinous problems of a bad hair day. It’s something that is hard to manage and the worst part is that it can be so noticeable! Our curly hair folks out there know the struggle more than ever. Don’t fret, we are here to help.How To Fix It
    More than likely if you are seeing frizz, your hair is lacking moisture. Two of our favorite products to remedy the frizz situation are oil and conditioning creme. Oil can be your best friend; it will easily help those flyaways lie flat and it will also add some nice shine to your locks. Make sure not to over do though or you will be skipping down to number three for some advice! The other great thing to have on hand for when you’re have a frizz filled day is conditioning creme. All our curly cuties will appreciate this. A good conditioning creme will help define your curls and help the flyaways lie flat by adding weight to each strand. You will be able to reshape your curls without having to wash.

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  1. Turn Up The Volume- When your hair is flatter than tires in a junkyard, it’s hard to be ready to take on the day.  Whether your hair is naturally flat or this is just a one time thing, it never is easy to pump up the volume.

    How To Fix It
    There are a couple options to give your hair that voluptuous look you’re going for. One of the easiest things is a texture spray. Nearly every product line makes one! One of our very favorites is Redken’s Wax Blast 10; with just a quick spray and tousle, your hair can go from flat to fabulous.
  1. Clean It Up- We all go through the struggle of whether to wash our hair or sleep an extra 30 minutes. If you are someone who washes their hair every other day and you’re approaching day three…that can cause for some bad hair day remorse.

    How To Fix It
    Good news though, it’s a quick fix! Don’t let some oily hair ruin your day. There are tons and tons of dry shampoos that are designed for this exact problem! When you’re feeling like your hair is running on the oily side, just hit it with some dry shampoo and voilà! You’re now ready for the day!


When you come across a catastrophe, these tricks aren’t helping, and you’re having the ultimate, bad hair day then come see us! Call us and book an appointment for a relaxing blow-out or even change up your style with a cut. Our student stylists would love the opportunity to evaluate your hair and styling needs, and recommend some helpful products and tips.

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