Show Your Team Colors From Your Head to Your Toes!

Are you a year-round sports fanatic? Do you root from the first game to the last? Or are you more of a ‘celebrate the final game’ kind of person?

No matter where you fit, letting your team colors show is one of the most important parts! You can let everyone know which team you support, and do it in style!

Here are five beauty geared styles that will help you slay the competition.

Ribbons in Her Hair

No matter the braid, no matter the style, incorporating your team colors into your look has never been easier! Just grab a few ribbons in the hues that match your banner, and go to town!

It’s All in the Accessories

Dallas cowboy fa in tutu

Pom-poms, banners, even foam fingers. They all help you to exemplify your team spirit, and make your support of them that much louder. Plus, you can grab yourself some blue and silver and you make some of these yourself. Not quite glitzy enough for you? That’s okay. Grab some glue and some glitter, and let those Cowboy colors really sparkle.

Stay Warm

Nothing is more important than staying warm during that tailgate party or in the stands. That doesn’t mean you have to do it in a sacrifice for style. An infinity scarf and hat in your team’s colors can keep you warm and representing.

Your True Colors

dallas cowboys eye makeup

There will be no question of who you support with this bold look. Let your Cowboy Nation banner fly with this design that details the star and swoop in cowboy blue and silver. Plus, with the iridescent and thick eyeliner you can make them not only pop but to create a unique look that will make people cheer!

Paint the Town

dallas cowboys nails

One of the easiest, and most creative ways to show your team spirit is on your nails! Get a colorful manicure and show your Dallas Cowboys pride. These can be some of the easiest ways to sparkle. Whether you create this look to shine on its own, or in addition to the perfect game day look, there will be no question about who you support.

Looking for something bolder?

dallas cowboy colored hair

Colorful locks are all the rage, and we can’t think of any other colors that would look better than deep blue and silver. Consider coloring your hair to match your team and really show your team spirit! With everything from semi-permanent to bright bold unicorn hair possible, you will certainly make a statement.

Are you ready to let your colors fly? Consider scheduling an appointment in our student salon training area. We would love the chance to help you shine in blue, and silver… or whatever banner you carry.

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