Are You Ready to Make a Difference? Change Lives With Cosmetology

Why did you become a hairdresser?

It’s an innocent enough question and one that we are sure every cosmetologist has answered at some point in their career. If not multiple times.

This very question was asked on a popular cosmetology support and networking site, Hairbrained, and the answers might surprise you.

I love what a change in image can do for your persona.

Yes, cosmetology has a focus in hair and all aspects and artistry associated with it, but it is also much more than that

When you work as a cosmetologist, all sorts of people will come to you, and they will sit in your chair, unsure and uncomfortable, and maybe even downright scared. Sometimes they are lacking confidence in themselves or are struggling in their personal lives. It is those moments, your work as a cosmetologist can make all the difference.

My grandmother inspired me at a young age and with her encouragement I developed a passion for people, art, and beauty. The enhancement of a persons esthetic and the growth that comes from within when you feel confident about your look is beautiful and I wanted to be apart of that.

When a client gets to spend a moment talking and being heard, when they get a chance to feel pampered and important, and when they get to see a change in themselves, to see a beauty in themselves that they might have forgotten. It is a life changing experience, not only for the client but for the cosmetologist as well.

Passion for making people feel their absolute best!

It can be a powerful thing to impact other people in such a way. But it is not a selfish intent as some may think. In fact, many cosmetologist or esthetician professionals began to look into this passion because of something that had happened in their past or experiences that they themselves had.

I was picked on for how I looked when I was younger, and just the simple satisfaction of making someone's day and making them feel beautiful is so rewarding. I don't want anyone to ever feel like they're not beautiful and if I can help people feel beautiful, I've done my job.

If you’ve experienced what your clients have, then you know how it feels to be influenced by looks. It’s not hard to feel a connection. You want to help and support them.

It’s that feeling that drives so many in this industry, that drives them to work every day with a smile on their face. Not only do they get to create beautiful looks and art every day, they get to change lives.

To help others find the beauty in themselves.

The desire to help others isn’t the only reason many people have pursued a future in beauty, however. The main reason people find themselves in this field simply because they love beauty.

Much of this change, much of this love and growth begins with the education you will receive.

When you step through the doors of your school, you join a family. It is here that you start to see the true passion, not only within yourselves, but within this industry that changes so many lives, impacts so many so deeply, and fills the world with beautiful creativity.

A future in beauty grows from a tiny spark. It flares from something deep inside, driving you to help people. To help them feel beautiful.

To help others find the beauty in themselves.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas we strive to build up the whole professional, to create a family that gives each student a chance to grow, a chance to change lives, a chance to change themselves.

Cosmetology is more than just hair, it’s more than skin, it’s more than business skills. Although we focus heavily on those foundations, the true change that this industry brings is inside.

It’s in the heart. At TSPA Dallas we give that passion room to grow, room to create, and room to love.

While many people started with a love of art and creativity, or a love of beauty, they all seem to end up in one place.


Punk rock started it all. I was inspired by everyone's individuality and I started coloring and cutting my own hair and my friend's as a young teenager. It was a breath of fresh air. Now I'm not just stuck on edgy cuts (although they're my favorite) but as a licensed hairdresser I now have the ability to bring out anyone's own personality and individuality through their hair. I love people and I love making them happy.

We are proud to have built and cultivated a community that embodies this beautiful spirit. We are proud to have created a home for so many to blossom and discover their true passion.

Are you ready to pursue your passion and find a community full of love and support? Contact The Salon Professional Academy, Dallas and schedule a tour today. We would love to show you the home we have created and the support that could surround you as you pursue this beautiful future.

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