A Day in the Life of a Beauty School Student at TSPA Dallas

If cosmetology is something you’ve been considering, maybe you’ve wondered what a typical day in the life of a beauty student is like. We love sharing our students’ stories at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Dallas. Every student is different and has their own unique experience to share. We asked one of our awesome students, Stephanie Lembo, to tell us what a day in her life at TSPA Dallas is like. Here’s what she had to say!

Stephanie’s Background

Stephanie has been at TSPA Dallas for approximately 10 weeks as of October 2018. She was drawn to cosmetology because people recognized her ability to create beauty from an early age. “My whole life I was told I was good at making people beautiful,” Stephanie says. “I had an eye for it.” While beauty is Stephanie’s passion, she has three kids at home who mean the world to her. Choosing TSPA Dallas was a practical choice for her, as we offer financial aid and scholarships* to qualifying students and provide flexible scheduling options that are ideal for busy moms.

Stephanie Lembo with her three children.

The Morning Hustle

At 6:20 am sharp, Stephanie wakes up and gets her kids ready for school. After driving to two different locations, she comes home to decompress until leaving for class at 8:45. Stephanie says that aside from giving her kids kisses and love, this decompression is the most important part of her day. This is her time to refocus and relax, which puts her in the positive mindset she needs for a successful day at school.

Time for School!

The first thing Stephanie does when she arrives at TSPA Dallas is clock in. After this, she checks her schedule to see if she has a guest that day so she can be prepared. Getting your required hours is vital in cosmetology school, so morning prep and clock-in is important. When it’s time for class, Stephanie gives learning her full attention, always making sure to take notes and ask plenty of questions. The classroom learning portion of cosmetology school is something Stephanie thoroughly enjoys. “I’m in class with amazing girls, so it’s fun learning together,” she says. The new techniques and applications she learns in the classroom help Stephanie stay motivated. She also does some of her own creative research via Instagram and YouTube to keep herself inspired.

Relaxation and Inspiration Outside of Class

When school is over, the third part of Stephanie’s day is just beginning! As soon as she leaves TSPA Dallas, she’s off to pick up her kids from school, make them dinner, take them to baseball or soccer practice, and then get them to bed. At about nine or 10 pm, Stephanie finally gets the chance to unwind and relax with a glass of her favorite wine. With beauty school and a full-time job as a mother, Stephanie doesn’t have an excess of free time. However, she uses the free time she does have to go out and get her creative juices flowing. On Sundays, she finds local photographers and models to work with. This is a great chance to practice beauty techniques while also building her portfolio and working with other creative people. “I come up with an idea [that is] inspired by my surroundings,” Stephanie says. “[I] then just go with it and make it a reality.” School, family, and work are all important to Stephanie, but she can always find the time to be creative and get inspired by the world around her!

TSPA Dallas student Stephanie Lembo.

Join the TSPA Dallas Experience!

Want to learn alongside great students like Stephanie? Enroll in our cosmetology program! TSPA Dallas can be a great place for creative, friendly people who want to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Contact us today to learn about scheduling a tour of our school. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspadallas.com

All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals

We Are Not The Beauty School Dropouts

Deep inside of everyone lies a creative vein that thrums and sings along with the beat of our hearts. They pulse and pull and guide as we create beautiful things. Whether these beautiful things be painted masterpieces, computer code, an amazing marketing plan, a hand sewn dress, spreadsheets, or a novel about the American dream – they are all art. Anything you create is a masterpiece guided by the amazing passion that thrums through your heart and soul.
It pulls you.
It is you.
And it drives you as you create a life, a future, and a career.
So why then is one of the most creative industries out there often considered a place for the outcasts, for the deadbeats, for the do-nothings and for the wanderers?
a group of kidsWhy are we, the beauty professionals of the world, caged in a stigma that paints us as anything but what we are?
We are not the cast-offs. We are not the stepchild of creativity.
What we are is passionate fighters who have risen above walls and barriers to create art and build futures.
It may start as the child obsessed with her Barbie’s fashion sense, but it goes so much deeper.
These amazing peoples are everywhere, they are everyone. We see ourselves in the struggling high schooler who just doesn’t fit in. In the single mom who is just trying to make a better life. The college student who found life outside a desk. We are the passionate teen who has thousands of Instagram followers and is ready to take it to the next level, and the artistic boy with a vision being squashed by stereotypes. Our creativity fights through us – building up the woman looking for a change from the office monotony and the ex-addict wanting a fresh start.
Do not let the negativity that surrounds beauty school keep you from this dream or from achieving your potential in a career the ignites you. Let it fuel you, let it push you forward.
Scream it from the rooftops, for we are a culture that accepts all, that supports, that builds, and that has risen above the negativity.

Beauty School Dropout. No Such Thing.We are the determined business professionals who work for years to open our own salon and build our own success.
We are the spunky marketer who builds a book of clients that stays with us for years.
We are the imaginative artists who created the pastel hair you love.
We are the visionaries who dared to cut womens hair short and pull off a man bun.
We are the beauties who fuel You Tube tutorials and Instagram fodder.
We are the backbone of beauty and fashion.

You may think that beauty school is for the cast-offs, the deadbeats and the drop outs.
But you would be wrong.

It is for the artists, the hard workers, the mothers, the fathers, the people who are rebuilding their lives. It is for the dreamers, the does, and everyone with a tenacious fire that burns in their bones.

Yes, we cut hair. But we do so much more. We style, we color, we mold, we create, we build.
And we dream.

We are the beauty school dropouts!

Beauty School Dropout. No Such Thing.