What is a Redken Education?

When looking to pursue an education in beauty the type of education you get can open many different doors to your future. It’s one of the reasons that gaining an education that fits your goals is so important.

In addition to many different accolades and accreditations The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Dallas has received over the years, we are also proud to be a part of The Salon Professional Academy family and be able to give our students access to the Redken brand through the relationship the TSPA network has built.

What is a Redken Relationship?

The Salon Professional Academy family of schools wants each and every one of our students to be able to pursue the career that they have always dreamed of. The biggest part of the commitment lies in the curriculum the schools use, as well as the brands they are exposed to during their education.

Because of our relationship with Redken we have been able to help our students reach their stars.

In addition to featuring the amazing Redken brand in our facility, at TSPA Dallas we are also a Redken Diamond Academy. This means that we not only welcome brand ambassadors and guest artists to our school, but our students could also be exposed to additional experiences like this recent experience at a Redken event.

Explore the Benefits of a Redken Education

With so much to gain, and so much passion in the product, we invite you to feel at home with Redken.

Are you ready to see how an education fueled by the power of Redken can truly benefit you? Come in for a tour and let us show you the behind the scenes of TSPA Dallas, and introduce you to the school, and the brand, that could be the solid foundation you need for your future.

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